Internal Auditing Services

Internal Auditing Services

Do you feel a rising panic before your certification audits?

Step Consultants can help you look forward to your next certification visit confident that you are up to date with your audit schedule, and any issues identified; minimizing the likelihood of unwanted non-conformances. In addition to carrying out one off audits.

Step Consultants can provide a complete audit management service, acting alongside your onsite management representative, including the following:

• Raising and verification of corrective actions relating to audits,
• Control of the Management Review Process, scheduling, chairing and producing minutes for meetings.

Benefits of using an external auditor:

Impartiality - External auditors are not involved in the day to day running of the business. Impartiality of auditors is a requirement of all management standards.

Time - Auditing is time consuming, take the pressure off internal staff and ensure your audit schedule is kept up to date so allowing focus to remain on key business activities.

Objective - Using an external auditor provides a fresh pair of eyes, more likely to identify weaknesses in your approach, enabling you to address these and build confidence in the effectiveness of the management system.

Cost Effective - A specialist management systems auditor will have gained high level qualifications and significant experience across a range of different businesses without you needing to employ a full time specialist.