Compliance Service

Compliance Service

Companies expand their manufacturing and sourcing capabilities around the world, supply chain workplace conditions are increasingly scrutinized, particularly in developing countries.

The conditions under which products are manufactured have become a dimension of quality and an important part of the business value proposition. The lack of a process for managing risks related to supply chain social compliance can have a direct impact on a company’s financial results, especially for those organizations in consumer markets where image and brand names are critical assets.

Step Consultants has the expertise and resources to support companies throughout the process of developing an effective social compliance program.

Step Consultants has extensive experience in designing and implementing programs for organizations of varying sizes and operational perspectives that takes into consideration the critical elements of compliance. In addition, Step Consultants has a proven methodology that covers all elements of supply chain social compliance programs, and is designed to instill confidence that key issues and challenges for the design, development and implementation of the program have been met.

Step Consultants is strategically positioned to provide independent social compliance services utilizing our consultants who are familiar with complex issues related to social compliance, including local social conditions, cultures and languages of workers, standard industry practices, and the applicable laws and regulations.

Step Consultants evaluates supplier compliance with a variety of social compliance standards, including various corporate codes of conduct, Step Consultants developed code of conduct containing standard industry compliance elements, and a range of industry standards established by organizations such as Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), and the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) and Customer’s (Buyer’s) code of conduct (C.O.C) as, WAL-MART, KMART SEARS,ISAKO,SEDEX,LABLOWS, NEXT, MARK & SPENCER,MACEYS, KOHLS, TARGET, RED CATS, THUDER CREEK, LEVISE, ESPREE, KIABI, KNIGHT APPERAL, JC PENNY, PUMA, ADIDAS, NIKE, C JHONS, KIK, TESCO, TURNER BIANCA,ASDA,WEST POINT,CARFOUR,LI & FUNG, MCDONALD’S AND MANY OTHER BUYER CODE OF CONDUCTS.

Many companies got social compliance services from Step Consultants which includes documentation and implementation of the following compliance elements in a proprietary scorecard format, Laws and Regulations; Child Labor, Forced Labor, Harassment, Wages and Benefits, Hours of Work, Health and Safety, Non-discrimination, Women’s Rights, Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining, Environment, Subcontracting, Communication, and Monitoring and Compliance